I am a Wyoming girl living in Southern Utah. I love meeting new people and making friends.  During my session I hope to meet as strangers and leave as friends. I know that not everyone is a fan of having their photos taken (cough cough fellas) so I always try to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible for everyone! 

I learned early on that the best photo shoots occur when people are comfortable and happy, so I see it as my job to put everyone at ease in order to capture the greatest amounts of everyone's personalities!

I have a passion for photography and capturing the most special moments... my greatest passion however is my passion for people. Take away the fancy equipment, take away the beautiful studios, and take away all the lighting and props... what is left is the person who wants their story felt and told through photographs.

I never lose sight of that person and the feelings they want to remember for a lifetime.

I look forward to preserving your memories and becoming close friends!